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While Mamma is catching up on afternoon nap and kids enjoying their first day at school … by communicating (read “killing each other”) with each other. In between the chaos, which was the lullaby, I heard, “Youuuu know Akka, I am Dadda’s son!”. “So what? I am Dadda’s daugther!”. “Noooo! I will shine! You know, SHINE!”. Akka speechless and pretends to do her own thing.

Mamma awake and waiting for more… Not to happen. Mamma dozes off amid the chaos.

I have been trying to remember Scooby at this stage…can’t! Should I attribute it to post-pregnancy memory loss or careless parenting? Regrets all around!

Bedtime reading of Hindi alphabets, while Dadda was busy with Scooby and Mamma with packing up for Hyderabad, “I’ll read Hindi ALL by myself. Ch se chamach, u is umbrella…”. Mamma on the floor banging her head and grinning!


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first piano performance

This was a month for performances. Dadda’s followed by Scooby’s. All in a month. While Mom is struggling with her C’s and D’s, Dadda and Shubhi talk F major. Need serious help- with my ear. My very non-musical ear.

I would love to rant about Dadda’s performance but this is about Scooby’s performance. On Sunday, December 16, 2012, Scooby played Allouette  with four of her classmates. She  practiced and practiced some more. All of five minutes everyday for fifteen days. “Scooby, you shouldn’t get over-confident. You can’t let your friends down”. “Not ‘overconfident’, Mamma. Just ‘confident’. Its O. Kay. Don’t worry. I have by-hearted it.” My lady has arrived in the Indian education scene. She has “by-hearted” her musical piece. For which she can very well take her music sheet. (Somebody HELLLP).

The performance was absolutely stunning. Flawless. Scooby was confident (even if she did not look us in the eye) and in the zone. The bows, the recital, coming on and going off- all flawless. A very proud mom!

(Leave aside request for a home-made piano dress while Mamma is frantically typing her 5432 words essay on educational policy. “But bettu, Mamma has to submit this term paper on Friday”. “Don’t worry Mamma. You try”. “Bettu, performance is on Sunday?” “Try Mamma. If you are unable to finish making it, I will wear my B’day frock. Its O.K. Just try.” Wow. What motivation! Toiled on the laptop and the machine and delivered. How can I not? Can I ever get such a loyal customer for my goods?)

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reader, negotiator, teenager

“Mamma, Akka is not listening” (Mamma’s night-time T.V. time)

“But I thought she was sleeping?”

“She is. She is not putting her pillow aside.”

“But you just said she is sleeping?”

“Ya, she is sleeping!”

Mamma still busy watching and reading.

Nobody understands my proBlllem!!!!”

Mamma  taking a double take… mission accomplished, our man walks away!

What am I to do with him? Can’t handle the-world-does-not-understand-me-syndrome-of-thirteen-going-to-eighteen at four years three months!!!

A four year old whose life revolves around holidays! Looking at the globe on Saturday declares, “Dadda after we come back from Hyderabad, we should go to Iceland for a holiday.” ” But, Uvi, its very cold there,” Akka pitching in”. “Its Oooo Kay. We can wear gloves!!!” (…Dadda, thinking of buying lotteries)

And a “great negotiator” to top it up. On the way to piano class, asks if we could go to Cafe Coffee Day. I stall. Manage for all of five minutes. “Can we go now.”  I stall. After another 5 minutes. “Lets pick up Dadda and Akka then ask everybody”. After 5 minutes. “Can we please go.” Stall, stall, stall. We pick up Dadda and Akka. “Can we go now?” “We have booked for a movie, Uvi”. “O.K. Can we go now?” Mamma, Dadda giving up and start ignoring. Sunday morning.Goes for a haircut. Spots CCD and we are dead. All in the car. “Yayyyy. ‘A lot can happen over coffee’.” Reading the board and the world.

That’s another thing that happened to him. He is reading. Anything and everything. After my visit from Dhamtari, I found a new reader in the house. I had learnt that Vygotsky suggested a competent adult to support learning. The only competent adult available to him, Naani, is busy organising the house for him. When and how did this happen? I know it’s not happening at school, because we chose a school so that it doesn’t happen! Clueless and waiting… while early reading books being packed up for his three year old cousin.


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life on and off campus

Oct 2, 2012

I breathe again after the whirlwind that has been life since July 16th… yes the common phenomenon in my life is “whirlwind”. Being “on” campus was definitely not going to change it.

The most amazing two and a half months of my academic life. I am beginning to learn as every single one of us should have learnt in any educational institute. Deep in classes, readings, home assignments, class assessments, tutorials, library, talks, workshops, etc. Most of these all in one day. Thrown in lunch discussions with the faculty, a five minute discussion in between classes. Fun that learning should be. Alive and kicking.

Oct 3, 2012

Am not breathing anymore. How is it possible that so many grounded people can exist under one roof? A very emotional day. Got introduced to people working in different aspects of education. Working rigorously to make a difference in the life of people whom they don’t know. Every single moment of their day. How is this possible? Is this “altruism”? Is this what makes them human? I have failed the test! Miserably.

And, this is the first day on the field. Help me!

I am told that this is the basic level. Will get introduced to the core eventually. I don’t think I will survive.

And am I thinking of the kids? Actually not. I know they are in safe hands and secure. They will survive. They will be proud of their mom…eventually. I am sure! I am definitely proud of them. They are the “awesomeness” which is my foundation. Love you babies! Thank you Dadda, Naani and Naanu. If I ever make a difference to the world, 100% credit goes to you…and more! Love you, love you, love you!

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28th of August 2012

Hey Mister, you are finally four, a day that you have waited for an eternity.   It almost seems a repeat of Akka’s fourth- b’day excitement. Except, it’s been a very different year for you. What with declaring “I want to learn to read!” And then diligently following up with us to help you with the Bob-books. And then confirming your learning by stating,”Why did you write ‘for Manya’ Akka?” It’s another matter that you doggedly refuse to use any writing equipments. I am wiser. I shall not insist.

As always, another eventful year passed us by. You enjoyed your pre-school and reinforced your teachers ability and confidence in themselves by absorbing and then, eventually, reproducing what you learned. The leap of faith in the new school has been heart warming. What would I have done if you had rejected this school? Probably studied there myself. This is how much I love it.

I know your world starts and stops in Hyderabad. The other day when you wanted to go to Hyderabad again and Dadda suggested that both of you could go for a holiday since “mamma and Akka have school”, I was curious to see how you would respond. I enjoyed the pause and then the suggestion that all of us “should probably” go together. I must confess that I was disappointed and relieved at the same time. I am definitely not ready for THIS four year old!

Thanks again for helping the family enjoy our current experiment of Mamma back-to-school. I know Naani can’t stop falling head over heals in love with you and I am so jealous!

Have a great year cutie-pie! (And, yes you ARE everybody’s cutie-pie)

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So, me decided to go back to school. Scooby could not comprehend why mom was writing an exam while everybody was having fun with M-Aunty visiting from  Hyderabad way back in Feb. She could not comprehend why we had to cancel our Chennai trip in summer holidays because mom had to attend an interview. She can definitely not comprehend why Nannu has to stay in Allahabad while Naani takes care of her and Uvi while Mamma goes to college. “Are you going to teach?”. “No. I am going to study”. “Just like me”. “Yes”. “Can’t you wait till I am able to take care of Uvi”. “No I can’t”. (I would be over the hill – talking to myself)!

I like to believe that I am saving myself, my children and my marriage.  Probably in the same order and in the same order of urgency. As Dadda pointed out to my anguished question “What is the purpose of MY life?” “I don’t know. The “purpose” you have to identify. I can support you with whatever needs to be done to achieve it.” This is the start of my quest to look for MY purpose. Reaching out to all the people who matter, I intent to give it my best.

And to re-inforce that the universe is conspiring to make it happen I read Natash’s column on Mint. I know I am on the right track. If I need to change lines to achieve it, so be it!

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sleepless nights

*phew* what two weeks…

The little man has decided he can’t sleep and let sleep.

From requests for “a glass of water”, “pee-pee”, “poo-poo” to “a few hugs” and “four kissies” to heart-wrenching screams of “a spider in my quilt”, “a snake on the bookshelf” to the award-winning…

“I don’t want a pillow!”


“Things come out of the pillow”

Me, a little calmer.

” What things?”


And it is definitely not funny at 10:52 p.m. , 12:37 a.m., 3:05 a.m. and then finally 4:17 a.m. (ok estimates of a typical night).

So what do I do! I scream, I rant and then doze off wet-eyed (because I have hit him for the first time and then another night in a row) to be rudely awakened – for a cuddle!

And, nobody can help. At least not today. Help comes back tomorrow…so I hope!

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